xmas celebration ideas

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Xmas Celebration Ideas

the basics Christmas Celebration ideas and Christmas party ideas, including recipes, decorations.
21. Get what you really want gift game
Have each person bring a wrapped gift for himself. Gifts are all mixed up and passed out. Everyone opens one gift, then must guess who bought it. Have a list of everyone at the party so people can write down their guesses. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins. To spice it up, have everyone donate $1 to the pot. The winner gets the pot.
22. Birth year gifts
Before drawing names, have everyone write down the year they were born. When you buy for that person you drew, buy a gift relating to the year they were born. Be creative.
23. Christmas tie game
Use those old Christmas or ugly ties to have some fun. Give each team of two a tie. Using only one hand one person must tie his partners tie. First one done wins.No matter what holiday games your group decides to play, remember the point is to let go and have fun. Strive for good sportsmanship and have a sense of humor! After all, embracing the holiday spirit is the true name of the game.
24. Trim My Tree Gathering
Putting up your first Christmas tree as a bona fide grown up (helping Mom and Dad put the family tree of your kindergarten crafted thing a ma bobs hanging from it doesnt count) is a momentous occasion. Why not have a tree trimming ribbon cutting, of sorts? Just set up your mini evergreen (real or fake!) with lights and garland, and have your guests each bring an ornament to hang on your tree. To get extra hokey, put everyone on the spot and make them tell a story about the ornament they chose. When the last one is hung, you do the honors of adding the tree topper and plugging in the lights.
25. The Christmas Cookie Swap
Nothing says the holidays like binge eating homemade cookies in the shapes of Christmas trees and gingerbread men. To make sure you get a variety of sugary goodness this year, host a cookie swap where everyone brings a batch of their homemade specialty, from fudge brownies to cinnamon snickerdoodles, to share. For a fun twist, allow those friends who are baking beginners to bring store bought cookies and have guests try to guess which ones are legit.
26. The Wrap Party
Wrapping gifts may be the single most frustrating activity of the season. Not only do you inflict paper cuts and nervous breakdowns (from inaccurately cutting the paper too small), but you inevitably watch the recipient of your wrapped masterpiece brutally tear it to shreds without a second thought. Throw a support group style gathering for friends where everyone brings some basic supplies and their bundle of gifts to wrap together. Youll be surprised who knows how to help you tie that bow to not look like it was crafted by a fifth grader. For added synergy, turn up the rap music.
27. Christmahanukwanzaa Party
The world is one big melting pot, and thats never made more clear than during the holidays. If you find yourself saying, Merry Chr er, happy, uh, holidays
28. Days of Appetizers Party
A dieters worst nightmare may very well be the holiday party. Why? With buffet lines filled with bite sized morsels of calorie laden treats, they are the easiest way to make you join a gym come January. But, hell. If you cant beat em, join em. Like the cookie swap, invite your guests to bring their favorite appetizer to share. If, however, the impending sodium counts really have you shaking in your winter boots, ask that people bring healthy options instead.
29. Christmas Costume Pub Crawl
Halloween isnt the only holiday tailor made for dress up. Hit up a costume store and buy a Santa suit (or sexy Santa suit, if you must) or an elf ensemble, and hit up a bar with some similarly dressed pals. In fact, dozens of cities across the country actually have organized Santa con events in which hundreds of people spend the day bouncing from bar to bar in their white beards and red hats. To ensure proper participation, award the best dressed Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus with a free round on you.

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