what to eat in jammu and kashmir

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Dum Olav

What to Eat in Jammu and Kashmir

Find Your Top Choices for What to Eat in Jammu and Kashm for Free.
Dum Olav

Kashmiri cuisine is rich, flavourful and hot .Kashmiris used very fragrant and hot spices to flavour their food .The best and most popular vegetarian dish from this cuisine is kashmiri dum aloo or dum olav. kashmiri dum aloo which is often served with the creamy and slightly sweet gravy in most of the reastaurant are not the authentic kashmiri dum aloo,as tomatoes ,cream and cashew paste is not used to make kashmiri dum aloo.kashmiri dum aloo is cooked with yogurt,fennel ,ginger powder and few spices,and while cooking on dum, the gravy is almost absorbed in the potatoes,and then the potatoes are served coated with spices and little fat and off course no gravy.

Gogji Raazma
Monji Haak or Gogji Haak
Nadir Yakhin
Chouck Waangan
Syun Pulaav
Tschok Wangan
Rogan Josh
Muj Gaad
Modur Pulao
Nadirhaak Gogji Monji
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