what to eat in haryana

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What to Eat in Haryana

The food consumed here is mostly vegetarian, with a lot of importance given to milk and curd.
1. Bajra Roti
Bajra or millet flour, which is the grain from Haryana and Rajasthan makes nice soft Rotis. Again it is a winter dish as bajra helps keeping the body warm.Bajra Roti is served with Kadhi and mango pickle. In my family, thay garnish the bajra roti with ghee / butter.
2. Missi Roti
If you have tasted missi roti, then seeing this post will make you happy. If you have not had missi roti ever, you should try once to taste it. This is very easy and quick dish. Missi roti is a known punjabi roti. It is very popular in other north states as well west UP, Haryana and Rajasthan.I wished to post Missi roti for long on site but somehow it just did not happen. Missi roti being a north indian flat bread, or better to say a punjabi flat bread is spicey bread made of wheat flour and gram flour. We north indians just love different breads which we call roti and Missi Roti is one of them. Missi Roti sounds to be easy to do recipe for someone who is used to make rotis but it is not so easy for a new roti lover though. Missi Roti dough is sticky so it needs a little extra effort to roll missi roti.
3. Potato Raita
Aloo raita is a quick and easy dish to prepare. Boiled potato is used to make aloo raita. We can use chopped onion and green chili while making aloo raita. We should mash the boiled potatoes before using it to make aloo raita.
4. Bottlegourd Raita
Lauki (bottlegourd) as it is known i hindi is a very good vegetable for health. Lauki raita is very different curd recipe. It is different and good in taste. Lauki raita is favorite to all of us in family. People who do not like bottle gourd, might like it as a raita. It is very easy to make as well. Here is the complete recipe to make lauki raita.
5. Carrot Raita
Carrot Raita is very healthy and tasty preparation of carrot and curd. Carrot raita is little sweet because of the carrot inside. Carrot raita is done woth the red carrot but it can be prepared with ooty carrot (orange carrots) as well.To make carrot raita we should grate the carrot. We can add onion and green chili as well while preparing carrot raita.
6. Potato Chutney
Aloo ki chutney is a haryanvi recipe which i saw getting prepared in my MIL's house. The simple aloo recipe and a popular chutney in haryana. In Haryana, chutney is all about spicy mix of raw or boiled vegetables.Aloo Chutney is just a one dish among those chutneys. I have shared other chutney recipes as well on my site like amrood ki chutney, matar ki chutney, amle ki chutney etc.
7. Hare Chane ki Chutney
Hare chane ki chutney is a quick chutney which is popular in Haryana. Though the name is Chutney as in HAryana they call chutney if few items are mixed to make a dish, this chutney is close to the chaat recipe.
8. Green Chili Pickle
This simple green chili pickle we have been familiar with since childhood.
9. Gond ke Ladoo
Gond ke Ladoo is made during winter season. In north India, Gond Ladoo is given to the ladies after child birth. It is supposed to provide strength to the body. We can mix the dry fruits in gond ke ladoo while making. Making Gond Ladoo is easy but it take time to make. Have patience while preparing Gond Ladoo as it is not a quick recipe. Here is the complete recipe to make Gond Ladoo.
10. Churma
Churma is a rajasthani dish but ut is also popular in few ares of Haryana. I have tasted only the Churma which is prepared in my home in Haryana. Churma is an easy recipe which is mostly consumed during winter.

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