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Weird World Record

Mostafa Ismail
The tallest mohican
The tallest living dog
The tallest living horse
The shortest bull
The tallest donkey
The heaviest rideable bicycle
Largest collection of Barbie dolls
Largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia
Julian Pavone
Dr Mark Temperato
Alex Barron
The largest mining truck
Longest kiss
Sits in snow during a cold
Chefs throw their hats in the air
Lasha Pataraia pulls a truck
Ukrainian violinist Oleksandr
Kenichi Ito
First disabled person to dive to 33 metres
Chinese dragon
National Hockey Stadium
Franz Muellner
People participate in a mass tea
Mass morning exercise
Gabriel Guallo
Jordan Michael Geller
Thaneshwar Guragai
Anton Kushpil
Longest train of a wedding dress
Ruan Liangming
Tallest Mohawk
Chandra Bahadur Dangi
Hula hooping
Costa Rica cook
Human Magnet
Sushi Mosaic
Card stacking
Pumping carving
Largest no smoking sign
Most sky lanterns
Largest sandwich
Tallest lego tower
Largest omelette
Longest cigar
Biggest rubber band ball
Egg balancing
Worlds largest onion
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