weird stories

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Weird Stories

Weird Stories may refer to a recounting of a sequence of events.
31. McDonalds high chair
It started with a quiet drink and and ended with police being called to free a grown man from a babys high chair in a McDonalds in Ireland.We recommend that children dont use the high-chair without adult supervision, joked a spokesman for the fast-food giant.
32. Hamster comes back from the dead
A family in Gloucester were left stunned when a hamster came back from the grave after being buried in the garden on Good Friday.
33. Brighton vortex
A concerned resident in Brighton sparked concern when he apparently discovered a vortex to another dimension, complete with giant snake on a residential street.It was not clear if he had taken any mind-bending drugs.
34. Mystery Monopoly
A home renovator got a pleasant surprise when he uncovered a giant Monopoly board underneath his old carpet.
35. Sneezy
Fun-loving squirrel Sneezy is absolutely nuts about trying on hats and his love for dressing up turned him into an internet star.The rodent struck up a bond with student Mary Krupa after the pair shared a bag of nuts.
36. Drunk pig
The headline says it all: Feral pig drinks 18 cans of beer, fights cow and then passes out drunk under tree.Tragically, the pig named Swino, was killed in a car accident less than a month after his infamous drunken escapades.

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