weird hotels around the world

Weird Hotels around the World

an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services.
71. Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel
Where each room comes with a private infinity pool hanging over an island jungle paradise.
72. The Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel
Stunning rooms of glass hang nearly invisibly among the trees of a winter landscape.
73. Hotel Villa Honegg
Comes with an amazing view of the Swiss Alps from a steamy infinity pool.
74. Fairy Chimney Hotel
Hotel built into an alien landscape.
75. Atholl Palace Hotel
Amajestic castle hotel overlooking the highlands.
76. Barin Ski Resort
A futuristic resort with modern comforts.
77. Air Hotel
Whimsical hotel rooms built off the ground are an exciting place to spend the night.
78. Koija Star Beds
Part of a larger resort, these star beds are a truly unique way to spend a night under the stars.
79. Jade Screen Hotel
A hotel built into the mind bogglingly beautiful cliffs of China.
80. Orient Express Safari Camp
Yet another gorgeous and luxurious game camp in southern Africa.

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