weird fruit

Weird Fruit

1. Durian
This fruit is revered in Southeast Asia as the King of Fruits. The thorn covered husk along with its pungent odour is the hallmark of the durian.
2. Rambutan
Once the rambutans hairy exterior is peeled away, its deliciously sweet and sticky flesh is revealed inside, with a large woody seed in the middle.
3. Mangosteen
The mangosteen is well protected by its hard purple exterior, but the fragrant fruit with a soft, white, edible flesh has a sweet and tangy taste.
4. Langsat
These orbshaped and small, translucent fruits are also known as the duku. Its skin is thin and easy to peel with a simple twist of the thumb and index finger.
5. Jackfruit
Also known as nangka in the Malay language, the extremely heavy fruit can weigh up to 80 pounds. Its flesh is yellowishorange and is usually fried like banana fritters.
6. Wood apple
Native to India and Sri Lanka, the fruit has a woody rockhard shell that is smooth with a grey, yellow or green peel. The fruit is medicinal and its tree is considered to be sacred by Hindus.
7. Snake fruit
Also known as salak, this fruit has a sweet and tangy taste like the pineapple. A species of the palm tree, it got its name from its brownishred scaly skin.
8. Star fruit
Shaped like a star due to the distinctive ridges running down its sides, this crunchy and juicy fruit is also known as carambola. It is packed full of antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C.
9. Dragon fruit
Resembling the shape of dragon scales or dragon flames, its fruit is white with spotted black seeds and actually tastes quite mild and bland. NB. It is extremely good for aiding digestion.
10. Longan
Longan belongs to the soapberry family and is also known as mata kucing in the Malay language, which literally translates to cats eyes because its seed is black, round and shiny. Dried longans are commonly used in Chinese desserts.

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