weird flowers

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Weird Flowers

A Weird flower, known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flower.
31. The Bladderwort
This one is one of the wackiest. It is found in many different varieties around the southeastern coast of the United States and then also in the state of Washington. What makes it so unique? Well, it uses little air sacs to float when it is flowering. When it isnt flowering, it stays underwater like a seasonal submarine. Also, it is a carnivore. It eats tiny little invertebrates that it sucks into its pods with a vacuum. Beat that, Venus Flytrap.Tiny fish have also been known to trigger the trap. Also, it is really good at surviving just about anywhere (unlike most carnivorous plants). In some places in the United States they have been a problem and humans are trying to get rid of them. What happens when one floats into the bank of a pond? Well, it will attach itself to the side by extending little needle like stems. Who knew a plant could resemble a Swiss Army Knife so much?
32. Toad Lily
Tricyrtis Hirta or Toad Lily is native of Japan and belongs to the Liliaceae family. It is a perennial plant and grows in partial sun and shady locations and prefers rich soil. Toad Lily booms in late summer to mid autumn and bears unusual flowers of whitish petals that bear purple spots. These unusual flowers are usually 2.5 cm wide.
33. Fetid Adders Tongue
Scoliopus Bigelovii also known as Fetid Adders Tongue is another unusual flowering plant from the Liliaceae family. The name is derived from two Greek words skolios and pous meaning curved foot. These unusual flowers can be found in shaded forests of coastal areas of the western United States.
34. Sturts Desert Pea
Swainsona Formosa or Sturts Desert Pea bears very unusual, blood red flowers with distinctive bulbous black centre. It is native of arid regions of central and north western Australia and belongs to the Fabaceae family. It flowers from spring to summer as short lived annual but in favorable conditions it can bloom in the next season as well.
35. Flame Lily
This unusual flowering plant is native of tropical regions of Asia and Africa and belongs to Colchicaceae family. Flame Lily usually grows as tuberous climbing plant and produces unusual red or yellow flowers with wavy edges. It can be grown easily from seeds though germination takes a little long time. It is also the national flower of Zimbabwe.
36. Passion Flower
Passion flower belongs to the Passifloraceae family and has more than 500 species. Passiflora Alata produces unusual flowers of scarlet color. These flowers are fragrant and usually 7 ? 10 cm wide. This unusual flowering plant comes from the Amazon region of Brazil.
37. Teasel Banksia
Teasel Banksia belongs to the family of Banksia which is native of Australia. These unusual flowers are red and yellow in color. The plant grows under ample sunlight and prefers low moisture. Suitable for suitable for xeriscaping, this unusual flowering plant can tolerate spells of droughts.
38. Fuchsia Blue Eyes
39. Bat Flower
Bat Flower is another unusual flower from tropical forests of China. It belongs to the family of Dioscoreaceae.
40. Bee Orchid
Bee Orchid comes from the Mediterranean regions and belongs to the orchid family. This perennial plant produces one to ten flowers on each spike every summer. It prefers well drained soil and partial sunlight.

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