weird flowers

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Weird Flowers

A Weird flower, known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flower.
21. Euphorbia obesa
Euphorbia Obesa, also known as the Baseball Plant, is endemic to the Great Karoo region of South Africa. Unsustainable harvesting by plant collectors who value Euphorbia obesa for its interesting and curious appearance has severely impacted wild populations. Consequently, national and international legislation have been enacted to protect remaining populations. While Euphorbia obesa remains endangered in its native habitat, it has become very common in cultivation. By growing large numbers of Euphorbia obesa, nurseries and botanical gardens have been working to ensure that specimens being traded and sold among plant collectors are not obtained from the wild.
22. Baobab
Baobab is the common name of a genus (Adansonia) containing eight species of trees, native to Madagascar, mainland Africa and Australia. Also known as the Bottle Tree, not only do they look like bottles, but the trees typically store around 300 liters of water! No wonder why they often live over 500 years.
23. Selaginella lepidophylla
Also known as Rose of Jericho, the Selaginella Lepidophylla is a species of desert plant noted for its ability to survive almost complete desiccation; during dry weather in its native habitat, its stems curl into a tight ball and uncurl when exposed to moisture. It is native to the Chihuahuan Desert.
24. Elephant Foot Yam
Guess who this little cute guy is related to? Yep, the corpse flower. Not only are they related, they also share many characteristics. One happens to be that this guy also smells like a corpse. These elephant foot yams vary in color, as well. Some are pure white. This one might have the edge on the corpse flower in wackiness because it is eaten. In one Southeast Asian culture they are grown as a delicacy, while in another they are known as what we might call a last resort to eat.
25. Bears Head Tooth Mushroom
Well just look at it. Thats a mushroom. If youre not convinced that it should be on this list... it also fights cancer, stimulates nerve growth, and helps kill roundworms. How do we know? Well some really brave soul found out it was edible. Cydro still wouldnt put it on his sandwiches no matter what it does. Oh yeah, it can grow branches too. Im not sure how they came up with the name though. Looks more like a brand new mop to me.
26. Witches Butter
Sticking with edible fungi that look inedible, here is Witches Butter. It has been given other pleasant names such as yellow brain and golden jelly fungus.
27. Drakaea glyptodon
Well, it pollinates in a unique way. Does that red thing on the side look like it belongs there? When you look even closer, whats that black thing on top of the red thing? Well, youll find this appendage on all of the Drakaea glyptodon that you come acrossFemale wasps happen to be flightless. They also happen to climb on top of plants to S.O.S. until the male picks them up and does his thing to reproduce with them during flight. The Drakaea glyptodon mimicks the female wasps body. The male wasp, being a dumb horny guy, will pick up the fake female wasp. Not only does he have to pick it up, but he has to come into contact with another Drakaea glyptodon to actually pollinate the plant. So he has to be fooled twice. Now you know how they came up with which was the male and which was the female.
28. Silver Torch Cactus
Besides having one of the coolest names on the list, it is a very unusual cactus. Its wooly, but that isnt too spectacular. It grows flowers, but that definitely isnt too unusual. The way the flowers are shaped are unique (yes those are flowers), however other cacti flowers bloom in a similar way just not as horizontally. The thing that makes it the wackiest is that it prefers cold temperatures. It can stand frosts up to 10 degrees Celsius. It lives in the high mountains of Bolivia and Argentina, receiving strong sunlight and water in the summer. Almost no water is received in the winter though.
29. Lithops Julli
Some plants use toxins to avoid being eaten. Some use thorns, or turn into carnivores. The Lithops Julli survives by pretending to be a rock. If youre into picking up rocks in South Africa, chances are youll pick one of these up, too. The disguise seems useless because theyre flowering plants. Nope, even the flowers are disguised with abstract lines and colors. The colors of everything about the plant are atypical for this very reason.
30. Victoria Amazonica
These guys have some pretty amazing features. And they grow up to three meters across! The ends fold up to avoid overlapping with their brethren. Also, the undersides are very thorny to protects against being eaten. Their flowers are huge, beautiful, and can only be seen at night. The flowers also change color over the course of the lilys lifetime. If you see them at daybreak you can watch the flowers close up rather quickly. Lastly, if you google image them, youre likely to find a baby pictured on top of them. Apparently people have a fascination with this. Mature lilies can support up to 45 kg on them.

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