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Weird Books

Read the Weird Books That Really Exist.
1. Strangers Have The Best Candy
Thankfully, this isnt the title of a childrens book. Margaret Meps Schultes travelogue documents the interesting conversations shes had with strangers over the years.
2. People Who Dont Know They Re Dead
In this book, the author tells the story of his Uncle Wally and Aunt Ruth who counseled lost spirits that moved into bodies that didnt belong to them. Its full of practical information for both the living and the deceased.
3. Cooking With Poo
The Poo in this title refers to worldrenowned Thai chef Khun Poo.
4. Natural bust enlargement with total mind power
Instead of blowing thousands dollars on surgery, Dr. Donald L. Wilson suggests that increased breast size can be achieved through the power of mindful thinking. The contents read more like softcore erotic poetry than a selfhelp guide. One noteworthy line reads, You look up at the sky, and you see a white cloud formation in the shape of your breasts which reminds you of How perfect your breasts can be.
5. The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America
The books summary calls it, A musthave for anyone with a passion for shopping carts and a love of the great outdoors.
6. Fashion Cats
This 160page coffee table book compiles the masterpieces of Takako Iwasa, Japans #1 cat tailor, into a glossy collection of the finest feline fashion. Supermodel cats Prin and Koutaro dont wear costumes (although a frog hat and bunny ears make appearances) so much as cat couture, from regal satin capes to striped newsboy caps and proper plaid ties. They even manage to wear Hello Kitty ears with dignity.
7. Anybody Can Be Cool But Awesome Takes Practice
Neither the title nor the cover make it immediately evident that Anybody Can Be Cool is a Christian devotional book for teens, which could be disappointing for unsuspecting readers hoping for a 12step plan to awesome. The guy in the redandwhite knit sweater probably doesnt need any tips, though.
8. Bombproof Your Horse
Although its true that horses spook easily, bombproofing sounds a bit drastic, doesnt it? As if this books techniques arent enough for a worried horse owner, theres a sequel entitled Better Than Bombproof New Ways to Make Your Horse a Solid Citizen and Keep You Safe on the Ground, in the Arena, and on the Trail. If theres ever a third book, itll have to contain no less than the secret to eternal equine life.
9. Who Cares about Elderly People
The Who Cares series helps us to learn about ourselves, our world and our responsibilities, and fosters caring, sharing and loving instincts.
10. Does God Ever Speak through Cats
This is one of those pressing questions the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran all neglected to answer.

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