ways to be a daredevil on your vacation

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Ways to be a Daredevil on Your Vacation

Ways to be a Daredevil on Your Vacation
1. Enter the Cage of Death in Australia
Former Australian cricketer Nathan Bracken and coach Mike Young stand in the Cage of Death in the crocodile enclosure at Crocosaurus Cove theme park in Darwin, Australia on August 31, 2008. The attraction drops thrill seekers into a crocodiles lair.
2. Swim in the Devil s Pool in Zambia
Victoria Falls, located at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, is the largest waterfall in the world and is known for Devils Pool, a naturally formed pool of water on the edge of the falls. During dry season, the waterfalls flow of water is lower and a natural rock barrier comes close enough to the surface.
3. Ride the Double Decker Cabrio Cable Car in Switzerland
The Cabrio, the worlds first cable car with an open air upper deck, brings tourists to Stanserhorn mountain in Switzerland.
4. Walk to the Edge of Preikestolen Cliff in Norway
Preikestolen, a massive cliff located 1982 feet above Lysefjorden, opposite the Kjerag plateau, in Forsand, Ryfylke, is one of the most visited natural tourist attractions in Norway. To this day, no safety railing has been constructed on the edge of the cliff so as not to harm the natural beauty of the site.
5. Run with the Bulls in Spain
Revellers run with fighting bulls during the San Fermin Running of the Bulls festival, on July 8, 2013 in Pamplona, Spain. Every year, between 200 and 300 people are injured during the run although most injuries are contusions due to falls.
6. Cage Dive With Great White Sharks in South Africa
Tourists get up close to a Great White Shark as it swims past the cage on October 18, 2009 in Gansbaai, South Africa. The waters off Gansbaai are the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks, due to the abundance of prey such as seals and penguins.
7. Eat Fried Tarantulas in Cambodia
Fried spiders for sale at the market in Skuon, Cambodia.
8. Dine in the Sky
Dinner in the Sky patrons are strapped in and hoisted up into the air to enjoy the sights and dinner in Portugal.
9. Go Cliff Camping in Canada
Campers sleep on portaledges protected by an overhang from falling rock and ice in Great Sail Peak, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Canada.
10. Explore a Volcano from the Inside in Iceland
At Icelands Thrihnukagigur (Three Peaks Crater), the only volcano on earth you can explore from the inside, you can take an elevator inside a volcanos magma chamber.

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