ways to study effectively

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Ways To Study Effectively

Way to help improve your study mindset: Aim to think positively when you study.
1. Jot down and participate
Lets face it lectures are boring (unless you have a really dynamic speaker). In order to help you get as much useful information from these lectures, bring a note book with you and take notes. The act of taking notes is not only for recording information but its also to help you pay attention by keeping you engaged in the lecture. As a follow up, be sure to ask questionsany questions. The act of mutual conversation between you and the lecturer is another form of engagement that will create a mental link to the information being shared.
2. Set up A Schedule And Stick to It
Cramming for an exam the night before is not the wisest course of action. Rather, plan ahead and schedule manageable study times throughout the week. This will make it easier for you to retain the information you study.
3. Sleep Tight
Theres nothing wrong with being a sleepyhead, especially when youre studying most of the time. Getting a good amount of sleep every night replenishes the energy you used up during the day and repairs the worn out cells of the body.
4. Eat for Your Body and Mind
Foods that contain vitamins and minerals that is good for the brain is essential when studying. Blueberries, blackcurrants, sage, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish, whole grains, tomatoes and vitamin B complex supplements are just some of the surefire brain boosting foods that youll want to load up on to enhance memory retention.
5. Sweat It Out
The most effective brain exercise is physical exercise. Sweat it out in the gym or go jogging at a nearby park. Yoga, Zumba and some martial arts routines are amazing in keeping you calm and collected so your brain is always refreshed with a good supply of oxygen.
6. Choose A Comfortable Study Area
A comfortable study area is important, like a study table in your room, a nook in your home library, or anywhere theres good ventilation and lighting. However, make sure this area isnt too comfortable or youll fall face down on your book and in minutes, youll be snoring away.
7. Put All Distractions Aside
Make sure you dont have anything on you that will distract you from the task at hand. Have all those unnecessary gadgets and gizmos turned off and somewhere out of your reach. This also includes computer distractions such as social media, entertainment, games, and blogs.
8. Organize Your Study Materials and Supplies
Pens, extra sheets of paper, neon markers, pencils, erasers, your notes, books or just about anything that you need should be within your arms reach when studying. This way you dont have to get up and walk around the room to find the stuff you need and risk getting distracted. The only time you need to stand up should be when you take your bathroom breaks, study breaks and when you are done studying.
9. Prepare Your Heart and Mind
Prepare your mind and clear it from all distractions in order that you may concentrate on the subjects that you have to study. Your mind should not be concerned with the fight that you had with your loved one or the everyday troubles that you have to face.
10. Create An Outline
If youre not quite sure what to study first, list down all the things you need to study and make an outline out of it. Start with your notes or your recorded lectures and make sure everything that youre told to study is covered and noted.

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