unique potato chips flavors

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Pringles chocolate peppermint

Unique Potato Chips Flavors

chips may contain a gourmet blend of sundried tomatoes, paprika, and extra virgin olive oil.
Pringles chocolate peppermint

Pringles has also experimented with the ingredient usually found in chewing gum or toothpaste.In 2012, Pringles chocolate peppermint chips invaded grocery shelves.

Lays Cappuccino
Lays Natural and Cool Flavour
Seaweed Pringles Flavour
Bohemia mushroom flavor
Lays crazy flavor
Walkers Irish stew Flavour
Pringle Xtreme
Chinese special natural and cool flavour
Lays Kpa6
Walkers Cajun Squirrel flavour
Lays mint mischief flavor
Pringles Cinnamon and Sugar flavor
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