tips to succeed in gate exam

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Solve only previous year gate question papers

Tips to succeed in GATE Exam

tips for GATE for students to a clear-cut preparation strategy, you will be able to succeed.
Solve only previous year gate question papers

This tip is very important specially when very less time is left in your GATE exam. In this time, you should focus only on solving previous year GATE question papers instead of your GATE study material and PSUs question papers. These question papers ISRO, DRDO, Coaching Material etc might have very difficult and challenging problems, but the focus of the GATE exam is on your aptitude, rather than the depth of the subject. Therefore in my opinion, its better to solve last 15 year GATE question papers multiple times rather than solving questions from other material.

Solving GATE papers
Pattern and Details of the Exam
GATE level faculty
Reach the Exam Center Before Time
Syllabus of the GATE Exam
Practice hard
The best bit about gate
Study according to pattern
Peers And classmates
Increase Your speed
Mentally see yourself succeed
Keep a Water Bottle With You
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