tips to succeed in gate exam

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Make notes

Tips to succeed in GATE Exam

tips for GATE for students to a clear-cut preparation strategy, you will be able to succeed.
Make notes

As you are studying, keep making notes. These notes should be made in such a manner that they help you when you are revising before the exam. Refer to past question papers.As you are following the routine and completing the syllabus, refer to past question papers. At the end of each topic, refer to the past question paper and see where you stand. Past question papers can give you an idea as to what to expect. From 2014, the exam will be conducted online, but it still would be wise to refer to the past pattern. Try to refer to and solve as many question papers as possible.

Current affairs
Keep Pencil Eraser and Sharpener
Tips and Tricks
Make more time for yourself
Check if you are on time
The best bit about gate
Solve only previous year gate question papers
Keep a Clip Board With You
Say No to Heavy Breakfast
Take mock tests
Prepare a timetable
Selective study
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