tips to succeed in gate exam

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Follow the timetable

Tips to succeed in GATE Exam

tips for GATE for students to a clear-cut preparation strategy, you will be able to succeed.
Follow the timetable

This is of utmost importance. Many would make the timetable, but following it would be a difficult task. The moment you feel like neglecting the routine, remember the image that you had in mind of clearing the GATE exam and go back to it. The routine is going to be your guiding force till you complete the exam. Please do not cheat on it. In fact, what you can do is have a small competition with yourself everyday, where you challenge yourself to complete the course in fewer days than been specified in the schedule.

Make more time for yourself
Keep a Clip Board With You
Take mock tests
GATE level faculty
Peers And classmates
Do they have enough books in library
Tips and Tricks
Monitoring your performance
Be disciplined
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