tips to succeed in gate exam

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Tips to succeed in GATE Exam

tips for GATE for students to a clear-cut preparation strategy, you will be able to succeed.
41. Solve only previous year gate question papers
This tip is very important specially when very less time is left in your GATE exam. In this time, you should focus only on solving previous year GATE question papers instead of your GATE study material and PSUs question papers. These question papers ISRO, DRDO, Coaching Material etc might have very difficult and challenging problems, but the focus of the GATE exam is on your aptitude, rather than the depth of the subject. Therefore in my opinion, its better to solve last 15 year GATE question papers multiple times rather than solving questions from other material.
42. Pattern and Details of the Exam
The GATE examination consists of a single paper of 3 hour duration that contains 65 questions carrying a maximum of 100 marks. The question paper will consist of both multiple choice questions MCQ and numerical answer type questions. The pattern of question papers is discussed in Section 5.3.
43. Current affairs
Current Affairs play leading role in the Civil Service main exam. Students try to buy many current affairs magazine and they think they studied more instead of that studied from one magazine and be a regular reader of newspaper. Whatever you read, try to make note of it, It helps to revise. Without revising you cannot remember the points. Study previous years question paper and try to analyse what type of questions have been asked from current affairs. See whether there is any change in asking questions from one year to another.
44. Selective study
All the candidates who are preparing for civil service main examination know the importance of selective study. Being selective is how much useful in preparation how it makes one comfortable.
When students, who are preparing for examination, see the vast syllabus, they find themselves in confusing state. It is like throwing one into the sea; That means syllabus is so vast if they sit for preparing simply without making any selection. One needs complete one year to read whole syllabus. By that time exams are on the head, candidates are not fully prepared in each topic and after reading the entire syllabus they are not even in position to tackle anyone question perfectly. Therefore, selective study is very important in civil service preparation. One should know what to study, what to be given more importance, what not to be studied and etc.
45. Practice hard
Regular practice of the concepts will help you achieve a level of satisfaction and will reduce the errors. Solve as many as numerical you can solve. It will also increase your speed and will boost your confidence.
46. Set your targets
A proper approach is necessary to crack any exam. Every day set the goal to complete a certain section in accordance with syllabus. Focus is essential.
47. Note Down key points
A key to a successful exam is clarity of main concepts. Try to make short notes of important formulas, theories, key points. They are handy. They will prove beneficial in revision.
48. Positive attitude
During exam preparation negative thoughts cloud our minds. But we should always remain positive and should strive to achieve more. Try to start with the chapter which you are confident about.
49. Study according to pattern
Study according to the trends of previous years question papers that will help you get acquainted with the marks distribution as well as pattern.
50. Be disciplined
Preparing for any exam requires your commitment. So be organized, planned and structured. Try to have a balanced life. Proper sleeping and eating habits helps one remain calm and composed during exam preparation.

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