tips to succeed in gate exam

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Tips to succeed in GATE Exam

tips for GATE for students to a clear-cut preparation strategy, you will be able to succeed.
21. Make more time for yourself
In case you feel you are unable to give the required time to studies, here are some points that you can take into consideration.List down all the non priority activities like watching TV, hanging out with friends, clubbing, partying, etc, and cut down on them.List down all the activities that you may be overdoing like sleeping more than required, surfing the Net, chatting on the phone, and cut down on them.Let these months of preparation be solely for preparation and preparation alone. You can enjoy the activities that entertain you once you clear the exam. Best of luck in your preparation.
22. Do they have enough books in library
You need good books that would instigate your brain to function during the process of theory conceptualizing and application building tricks.
23. Classroom rehearsal
Who are the faculties and their teaching experience would matter a lot for you in classroom. It is only selected conceptual questions on each topic could develop application capability contrary non conceptual questions will waste your precious time.
24. Testing and reporting
The testing and evaluation model offered by the coach is equally important. Your progress chart, errors reporting, comparative rank of the feedback system would guide you correctly.
25. Solving GATE papers
Read and solve the previous years GATE question papers and get inspired to solve more and more of similar papers in future. Solving the papers gives you idea of the standard of questions that are being raised.
26. Monitoring your performance
Analyze your test performance to determine how things could be improved, how could you score more? Scrutinize your performance of each topic and plan your strategy accordingly. Monitor your rank.
An actual testing environment: Classroom is the place where the actual test happens. While appearing the test take it seriously, avoid disruption, and set your clock rightly. However if you have enrolled for a correspondence coaching you can set a similar environment at you home.
27. Download the latest GATE Syllabus
Refer to syllabus and analyze the number of questions asked in each subject. As you may be aware all subjects dont have equal marks. The Syllabus of GATE exam is available online for different streams.
28. Review all the sections which you have done
Try to divide everything into three sections: easy, bit difficult and most difficult and then make a plan how much time you need to practice for each and every section, start with bit difficult part.
29. Structure of the GATE Exam
The entrance exam consists of 60 questions which be of objective and will be for 100 marks. The duration of this test is 3 hours. There will be a total of four options and the answer should be marked in ORS sheet. From this the candidate will have to choose the apt one. Negative marks will vary based on the marks for a particular question.
30. Syllabus of the GATE Exam
The questions will be based on the stream chosen by the candidate. The syllabus will be related to the B.Tech course. There will also be a section on the General Aptitude. For each of the specialisation there are certain areas that the candidates must prepare. A total of 55 questions will be from the engineering syllabus. Out of these there will around 15 marks questions from Engineering Mathematics. There will be both 1 mark and 2 marks questions in this section. Rest 10 questions will be from the General Aptitude section. This section will have questions which will have both ? mark and 1 mark.

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