tips to get ready for school

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Tips to get ready for School

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.
1. Make your lunch
Set out breakfast snacks to grab and eat on the way to school in case you run short of time to eat a full breakfast. Some good choices are granola, yogurt, and flavored oatmeal. place it in your lunch bag
2. To make check list
You may want to make check list to make sure you have everything you need for school.
Get your stuff ready before going to bed.
3. Wake up on time
Set an alarm or have your parents wake you up. Most cell phones have alarms, so if you hate the sound of your alarm clock, that's better. It will make you want to stand up and turn the alarm off. Don't go back to sleep after the alarm!
4. Brush your teeth
Don't ever forget to do this because brushing your teeth gives you fresh breath- and resilience against cavities!
5. Wash your face
Splashing some cold water on your face first thing in the A.M. may seem horrible, but is very refreshing once you get used to it. Gently clean your face with a warm washcloth and some face wash.
6. Arrange your hair in the simplest method that looks decent
Brush your hair and style as you see fit. For girls: Slick your hair into a high pony, or if you decide to leave it down, put in smoothing creme, curling mousse, or whatever you need. For guys: Wet your hair and brush/comb it, or put gel in it.
7. Apply deodorant
Some days you may forget to put on deodorant while getting ready, so keep a miniature sized deodorant in your school bag. Also, you may want to put any extra makeup that you will need in your backpack.
8. Dress
Remember that there are still ways to express your individual style if you have a uniform.
Dress for the season- don't wear shorts and a tank top in the winter!
9. Eat a well balanced healthy breakfast
Orange juice and even grape juice is chock full of vitamin C.
Not only does it give you stronger teeth and bones, milk is packed with vitamin D.
Never skip breakfast
10. To Organize Your Pencil Case Before School Starts
Make one have you pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners or others supplies you use often.
The second one can have the other supplies. Like your highlighter, scissors, calculator, and more.

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