tips to get ready for party

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Tips to get ready for Party

A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing.
1. You want to look your best
Only wear things you are comfortable and confident in, whether a short dress or jeans. Remember that what might be right for your friends, may not be right for you. You may wish to buy a new outfit if the party is themed or if you can afford to splash out
2. Outfit chosen make sure you have accessories and all the necessities chosen too
Pre-planning is essential; you don't want to find out on the night that the black heels you were planning to wear are broken! Make sure you have shoes, jewellery if you like, a handbag and outerwear. Always be prepared for the weather changes, so keep a light jacket on you and maybe carry an umbrella.
3. Before the party
Ensure you've had at least eight hours of sleep the previous night to ensure dark circles have disappeared and leaving you refreshed and ready to party all night!
4. Take shower
You can wash your hair if you wish but be warned that your hair will become less manageable so if you're planning a complicated hairstyle it is wise to wash it the day before to ensure success. If this is the case, instead use a shower cap. Whenever you do wash your hair, also use a hair mask for that extra mile to help you looking glamorous! Also exfoliate to ensure your skin is shining and there are no dead skin cells. If you're a shaving girl you would obviously shave at this stage not forgetting underarms. However, others may prefer to wax and should have done so at least 2 days prior to the event to ensure redness and irritation has disappeared.
5. Apply deodorant
you may wish to put it on before you leave. I advise doing both for extra protection.
6. Check the dress code
If the dress code is casual, choose some clothes that you would wear for school. A T-Shirt and jeans (not torn) are good enough.Sometimes, the invitation may say nice clothes only . For girls, choose a party dress and some classy jewelry to wear. Most hosts do not care about the dress code for boys, so wear the same thing in the Casual subsection.If you are invited to a costume party, choose a costume you can actually make. If you are lazy, you can make a quick costume from household items, but if you are willing enough, you can try to cosplay.
7. Apply a good face mask
Whether an original mud mask or an avocado mask or whatever, these really do make a difference, leaving your skin supple and glowing. Remove the mask carefully without damaging the skin.
8. Eyebrow time
You can not do as many things with them as your eyes, but they are incredibly important as they frame your face. You may have had them threaded, plucked or waxed professionally in advance but even so use a good magnifying mirror and lighting to pluck any rogue hairs. Remember not to over pluck you do not want to look constantly surprised Its best to pluck eyebrows at this stage after the shower because the pores on your face are more open and it is less likely to hurt too
9. Now shape your nailsNow shape your nails
Check that they are all the same length and shape. Apply nail varnish. A base coat, colour and topcoat are essential for the best nails. When applying the three different varnishes, always be patient and leave 5 minutes between each stage otherwise the layers will mix, smudge and not have the desired effect (trust me). Remember attention to details is essential. If you prefer not to wear any colour on your nails then opt for a nude or pale pink shade. Still too much? Then only wear a clear shade. Remember, feeling comfortable is critical to having a good time later on so never wear anything that will make you self-conscious throughout the party. Do not forget toe nails, especially if you are wearing peep-toes or sandals etc. Make sure your hands and feet are painted in the same colour. Please also note that the base-coat, colour and topcoat routine is not as critical for your toes.
10. Style your hair
Curled, straightened, plaited, waved or natural - do whatever you like and whatever makes you feel beautiful. Use clips, flowers, Alice bands, bows or whatever you like. If you are willing to spread your wings, use hair accessories you would not usually use. Make sure that your hairstyle matches the essence of your outfit. Once your hair is done make sure you set it with a good quality hairspray to ensure so your hair stays in place.

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