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Tips to get ready for New Year

Build in Reserves
Build Rocks in Your Schedule
Be flexible
The Nitty Gritty
Figure out where you are going to do
Educate yourself
Set up your cardio
Choose the Perfect Outfit
Pick a Statement Necklace
Sleep the Previous Night
Take a Shower
Shave Your Legs and Armpits
Pluck Your Eyebrows
Apply a Face Mask
Paint Your Nails
Style Your Hair
Spray Your Favorite Perfume
Plan Ahead
Outline Your Plan
Make a Pros and Cons List
Talk About It
Reward Yourself
Track Your Progress
Do not Beat Yourself Up
Stick to It
Keep Trying
Stay positive
When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement
Take a morning walk of gratitude
Instead of being disappointed about where you are
Remember thats
Focus one
Believe that everything happens for a reason
Do not waste your precious energy on gossip energy vampires issues of the past negative thoughts or things you cannot control
Mentor someone
Live with the 3 Es
Zoom focus
Implement the NoComplainingRule
Read more books than you did in last year
Get more sleep
Focus on Get to vs Have to
after new year party before you go to bed complete the following statements
Smile and laugh more
Enjoy the ride
Variety matters and so does abundance
Finger food should be just that
As you build your menu
Hors d oeuvres are supposed to be salty
Turn up the heat
Do not forget something
Stay Fit & Healthy
Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Spend Less Save More
Get Organized
Lose Weight
Home Decorate
What to wear
Dirty Doings
Time to Come Clean
Read Between the Lines
Choppy Waters
Balance the Books
Ghostly Conversations
Lady in Red
Sweet Year
Make New Year Preparations
Purchase flowers
Make annual feng shui placements
Go out to eat for your meals
Wear new clothes today
Have a good day
Write wishes for the New Year
Do not forget to adjust your feng shui
Research Chinese New Year
Symbol of good luck
Offer a sacrifice to the Kitchen God
Have a traditional dinner on New Years Eve
Cook your own Chinese cuisine
Dress for the occasion
Interact with others in a positive manner
Visit your relatives and friends
Set off firecrackers
Visit a parade
Call Friends
Find Your Motivation
Have a Plan
Make Goals
Track What You Eat
Use Reliable Resources
Eat Breakfast Every Day
Fill Up on Vegetables
Check all appliances
Take It Slow
Be Prepared for Lapses
Join the millions of people who will gather in Times Square to watch the Ball Drop or in Atlanta to watch the Peach Drop
Celebrate at home alone or with friends or family members
How to get lucky on New Years Eve
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