tips to get ready for college

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Think about what you will do with your free time

Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
Think about what you will do with your free time

One of the biggest transitions for a new college student can be figuring out how to use their free time. In high school, you were in school for 7 or 8 hours of your day, but in college, you may only have two hours of class on two or three days a week, plus your CLE sessions. Explore your hobbies, start an exercise routine, make plans to talk to family and friends on the phone. As an independent adult, you will get a lot more say as to how you will make use of your time; start planning now what you would like to do with it!

Building Social Skills
Think about what you will do with your free time
Educate yourself about how your learning differences affect you
Research various schools
Contact schools and college
Request letters of recommendation and transcripts
Study for your exams
Stay away from home overnight
Start taking responsibility for own medications
Keep Your Love Interest Options Opened
Do your own laundry
Be organized
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