tips to get ready for college

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Take a Small Canister Vacuum

Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
Take a Small Canister Vacuum

By the end of week one in your new dorm room, you will have figured out that the maid is not coming. You and your roommate will be responsible to keep the bedroom and bathroom floors clean with a small canister vacuum or carpet sweeper. Remember to vacuum the entire floor and not stop on the imaginary line between the two beds. You might have to bunk in with a Peter Pan, so be sure to take the initiative with responsibility and be the first one to grow up. Pros: Your feet wont stick on a filthy carpet Cons: You may be nicknamed The Maid

Be open
Research various schools
Practice managing your spending money responsibly
Educate yourself about how your learning differences affect you
Stay away from home overnight
Maintain your support system
Do not let rejection hold you back
Do your own laundry
Save your money
Know your deadlines
Start taking responsibility for own medications
Stay on a Budget
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