tips to get ready for college

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Know your deadlines

Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
Know your deadlines

Once you have determined which schools you wish to apply to, you must know your deadlines. Universities are getting much stricter with deadlines because they are so impacted right now, said Goldberg. Fewer students are being admitted due to budget cuts and schools will discontinue looking at your application if you are not meeting the required deadlines. Schools are likely to get in contact with you through e-mail, so many sure to check yours to remain aware of any time-sensitive requests they may have.This is of the utmost importance. You must not procrastinate. I am the top dog procrastinator and I learned the hard way to change this terrible habit, said Elias. Do not wait until the last week of application deadlines. Get everything done as soon as possible. College applications are not like homework. You cannot submit them late and simply expect the reviewers to deduct some points. If you miss the deadline, you will be unable to reapply until the next application window. Some schools accept applications twice a year. However, there are many that only accept them once a year, meaning a whole academic year will be lost because you were unable to gather your material within the correct time frame. Time is of the essence, so make do to manage it wisely.Deadlines are super, super important said Rios. School will be very hard if you do not keep track of important dates. Getting material submitted for the application deadline is only the beginning. Write important dates down in a place that you will constantly look, in order to keep them fresh in your head.

Save your money
Practice managing your spending money responsibly
Submit your and apply for scholarships
Stay on a Budget
Research various schools
Maintain your support system
Educate yourself about how your learning differences affect you
Stay away from home overnight
Take charge of some chores at home
Be organized
Do your own laundry
Brace yourself for newness
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