tips to get ready for college

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Join the family fun in the kitchen

Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
Join the family fun in the kitchen

You do not know it yet, but you are going to miss that home-cooked food when you are living on your own at college. Join your family chef in the kitchen and get some practice using kitchen appliances and maybe even making note of your favorite recipes to learn and share with your new friends at CLE.

Help with the family grocery shopping trip
Know that you may need help from time to time
Take charge of some chores at home
Submit your and apply for scholarships
Contact schools and college
The Laundry Is Piling Up
Know your deadlines
Keep Your Love Interest Options Opened
Start taking responsibility for own medications
Maintain your support system
Think about what you will do with your free time
Building Social Skills
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