tips to get ready for college

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Help with the family grocery shopping trip

Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
Help with the family grocery shopping trip

If you have never been part of this process, it can be overwhelming the first time! Sit down and help make a list of what your family needs for the week, go to the store and find everything you will need, ask store employees for help if theres something you can not ind, and complete the check-out process on your own. Special Note: If you are coming to CLE Austin, buy some reusable grocery bags-city law now requires use of reusable bags, or else stores must charge you for the disposable bags each time you shop.

Be open
Submit your and apply for scholarships
Request letters of recommendation and transcripts
Building Social Skills
Schedule a meeting with your high school counselor
Educate yourself about how your learning differences affect you
Try waking up on your own
Know your deadlines
Keep Your Love Interest Options Opened
Take charge of some chores at home
Teach yourself life skills you
Be organized
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