tips to get ready for college

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Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
21. Do not let rejection hold you back
After 13 years of school, you should be able to go to the school of your choice. However, Harvard and Yale don
22. Stay away from home overnight
Maybe its a sleepover with a friend, maybe its a week-long summer camp. Just give yourself the experience of sleeping away from home so that its not such a shock when you are sleeping in your own apartment for the first time.
23. Do your own laundry
Maybe your mom or dad or a hired home helper has done this for you before now. Guess what Its your turn!! Take over responsibility for washing your own laundry at least a few times before you move away to prepare you for this aspect of living on your own.
24. Take charge of some chores at home
Again, maybe mom or dad or a paid assistant has done all of this before now, but it
25. Join the family fun in the kitchen
You do not know it yet, but you are going to miss that home-cooked food when you are living on your own at college. Join your family chef in the kitchen and get some practice using kitchen appliances and maybe even making note of your favorite recipes to learn and share with your new friends at CLE.
26. Think about what you will do with your free time
One of the biggest transitions for a new college student can be figuring out how to use their free time. In high school, you were in school for 7 or 8 hours of your day, but in college, you may only have two hours of class on two or three days a week, plus your CLE sessions. Explore your hobbies, start an exercise routine, make plans to talk to family and friends on the phone. As an independent adult, you will get a lot more say as to how you will make use of your time; start planning now what you would like to do with it!
27. Try waking up on your own
If you are like a lot of young adults, you have a hard time waking up in the morning. Try a week in the summer where you plan some things in the morning that you like to do (go to a book store, schedule an online interaction, ride the bus to a favorite coffee shop). Ask your parents NOT to help you wake up that week, and set your own alarm clock. If you wake up on your own, reward yourself with your planned activity. If you oversleep, then skip the activity for that day and plan to try again tomorrow.
28. Practice managing your spending money responsibly
Set a fun money budget with your parents. Maybe this comes in the form of a weekly allowance. You will find that if you keep track of your purchases by writing them down, you can make your money last longer. If there are things that you want to do or buy (eating out, getting a new video game, going to the movies, etc.), then it has to come out of your allotted budget. If you don
29. Start taking responsibility for own medications
If you take medications, now is the time to start managing this on your own. Practice ordering your medication refills and taking them on your own daily. Mom and dad will not be there to remind you when you are in your own apartment! What tools do you have that can help you remember independently? Setting an alarm in your phone or IPad? Keeping your med box next to your toothbrush so you remember your pills each morning? Find the strategy that works for you and stick with it.
30. Help with the family grocery shopping trip
If you have never been part of this process, it can be overwhelming the first time! Sit down and help make a list of what your family needs for the week, go to the store and find everything you will need, ask store employees for help if theres something you can not ind, and complete the check-out process on your own. Special Note: If you are coming to CLE Austin, buy some reusable grocery bags-city law now requires use of reusable bags, or else stores must charge you for the disposable bags each time you shop.

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