tips for portfolio photography

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Style and Design

Tips for Portfolio Photography

How to quickly and easily build a photography portfolio that will take you from hobbyist.
Style and Design

Its now time to consider the style and design of your portfolio. Youll need a folder or portfolio case to hold it all in, but before you head out to buy something, consider what size your want your printed out shots to be. I would recommend something fairly large maybe 20x30cm or about A4. You then need to select the paper to print on and the print quality, preferably as high as you can afford. This said, remember there are no restrictions on size, shape or style the more personal it is and the more it says about you as an artist, the better.

What Do I Do Now
Only Use High Resolution Images
Paper vs Digital
Choose an appropriate carrier for the portfolio that can be assembled in a myriad of methods
Easy Steps On How To Create A Good Photography Portfolio
Dont Forget to Update
Strategically Order Your Photos
Get a Second Opinion
What is a photography portfolio
Protect Your Work
Rethink Your Navigation
Sketch Out a Layout
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