tips for portfolio photography

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Rethink Your Navigation

Tips for Portfolio Photography

How to quickly and easily build a photography portfolio that will take you from hobbyist.
Rethink Your Navigation

When searching the web to find examples of photography portfolios, I often found sites that included thumbnails of each image and next prev arrows to navigate forward and backward in the gallery. What I didnt find often, but came across more than I had expected was keyboard navigation, in addition to thumbnails and next prev arrows.
The easier your site is for your viewer to navigate and get around, the happier they will be using your site. The happier they are using your site, the more positive feelings they will produce while looking over your work. The same works in the opposite direction, dont forget. If your site is too hard to use, your users will be easily turned off and will produce more negative feelings towards your work.

Paper vs Digital
What Do I Do Now
Protect Your Work
Try to Limit Scrolling
How to Create a Photography Portfolio
Narrow Down Your Choices of Images
Rethink Your Navigation
Get an experts opinion then be prepared to throw it out
Consider Your Target Demographic
Should you keep several different portfolios tailored to specific purposes
Add Support for Dynamic Content
Provide Details with Each Photo
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