tips for portfolio photography

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Dont Forget to Update

Tips for Portfolio Photography

How to quickly and easily build a photography portfolio that will take you from hobbyist.
Dont Forget to Update

Its currently 2011, and the technology we possess is sophisticated enough for anyone, and I mean anyone, to own and maintain a dynamic portfolio. Regardless of if you manage your portfolio with WordPress, or a Flash system or still stuck in static HTML, you should be updating your content. Users are used to seeing new content each and every time they visit a website. Weve grown out of seeing the same old stuff on every visit. This is the same for your photography portfolio, with a little less emphasis on how often you should be updating. Its ideal if you update whenever you have new content. Try not to upload in batches, throwing a handful of photos up every couple months. Instead, try to maintain a consistent, yet loose, schedule. When you do update, only update if the new content is stronger than the older content. It makes no sense to replace a strong image with a weaker one, regardless of if its more recent. You want to be always strengthening your skill set and your portfolio should reflect that.

What kind of pictures should you include in your portfolio
Photograph the subjects that are necessary for addition to existent collection to possess a great portfolio
Provide Details with Each Photo
Make it Easy for Your Users to Contact You
Add Support for Dynamic Content
Style and Design
Strategically Order Your Photos
Think of the number of images
Keep files well organized
Emphasize the contact information
Display or share the perfected portfolio depending on your objectives
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