tips for portfolio photography

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Donandts for Photography Portfolios

Tips for Portfolio Photography

How to quickly and easily build a photography portfolio that will take you from hobbyist.
Donandts for Photography Portfolios

Donandt include redundant images. If you have only rose pictures, you may not be ready to work with a paying customer. Or find a gardening magazine and take some pictures of gardening tools, gloves, and an overview of its design to give your collection some variety. Donandt get bogged down trying to find your 8 best images of all time. You can re do it next year. Donandt wait until you have the ultimate portfolio. If youandre reading this, you need to take some baby steps first. The next time youandre at a fall festival talking to an art director, you can just slip her a card and try to get her e mail address.

Try to Keep the Contrast High
Charge a minimal fee
What should be in a photography portfolio
Make the images stand out
Why should you have a photography portfolio
What is a photography portfolio
Paper vs Digital
What kind of pictures should you include in your portfolio
What Do I Do Now
Make it Easy for Your Users to Contact You
Narrow Down Your Choices of Images
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