tips to prepare a government job interview

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Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Tips To Prepare a Government Job Interview

Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview .
Practice Makes a Man Perfect

To clear an interview you have to practice many things. We shall discuss them during the course of debate. So learn to practice and adapt new things.

Always by Heart Your Resume
Do NOT Hesitate to Ask for Feedback What Went Wrong
Do NOT Use too Many Fillers
Learn All the Typical Questions that You Might be Asked
Overcome Fear with Participation in Discussions and Debates
Answer Only What is asked
Overcoming Stress Fear Anxiety and Nervousness is a Main Challenge
Participate in Quiz and Other Co curricular Activities
Do NOT Over Design Your Resume
While Giving Interview Ask Permission for Everything Sitting Drinking etc
Avoid Perfume or Deodorant
Do NOT be Argumentative
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