tips to prepare a government job interview

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Jot Down All the Points that You Will Talk In Interview

Tips To Prepare a Government Job Interview

Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview .
Jot Down All the Points that You Will Talk In Interview

For creating a chain of thought it is always good to note down all the topics on which you may talk to Interviewers in the whole Interview.

Always Say Thank You and Greet Them When Interview is over
Find the specific position
You Must be Less Talkative
Make a Decent Entry and Ask for Permission
Always Use Formal Form of English Language
Cracking a Government Job Interview is All about Personality
Find out How Many Other Candidates Are Appearing for the Interview
Remember its Personality not the Physique
While Giving Interview Ask Permission for Everything Sitting Drinking etc
Answer Only What is asked
Talk of Your Academic Performance Only If it is Good Otherwise keep Quiet
Do NOT Panic if Something Goes Wrong
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