tips to prepare a government job interview

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Tips To Prepare a Government Job Interview

Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview .
71. Share Good and Bad Experiences of Your Life
To make conversation more interesting between you and interviewer, share some good or bad experiences in your life. You can share many other moments that can make them laugh or even cry.
72. Do NOT Ask for Salary in Between the Interview
This is very important point. Do NOT ask for salary in between the interview. It is bad manners. You should ask only in the end.
73. Do NOT Start Growing Weary
Interview for Government jobs could be long and you may start growing mental and physical fatigue. So come prepared to overcome this weariness.
74. Be Humble and Down to Earth Kind of Person
Humility is an attribute that everyone loves. If you are a good candidate for the sarkari naukri then you have to humble and very down to earth person.
75. During Interview Share At Least one Weirdest Moment of Your Life
In an entire interview there must be one moment where interviewers are intrigued by you. That one moment would leave a lasting impression on their mind and they will remember because you will stand out from rest of the candidate.
76. Always Explain your Point with Analogies and Examples
Whenever you are explaining some technical aspect then always explain using examples. Your example must be relevant and to the point.
77. Do NOT Use too Many Fillers
Fillers are nothing but sound like Aaa Aaa Aa! You should always have words to explain any situation. If you use too many fillers then it would simply mean that you do not know anything about the subject.
78. Talk As Much As Related to Your Job
In interview your conversation must revolve around the job that you are applying for. The reason is you would have more knowledge about your job as you have already done some research on it.
79. Avoid Expressing Your Religious and Political Views
It is best advised NOT to bring out personal prejudices. Hence, avoid expressing your religious or political views. Interviewers may also have their own views and it may contradict with yours.
80. Do NOT Panic if Something Goes Wrong
You might mumble jumble things. Do not panic if something goes haywire. If you get nervous then you might spoil your rest of theinterview.

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