tips to prepare a government job interview

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Tips To Prepare a Government Job Interview

Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview .
51. Your Pitching should be Perfect
Pitching is nothing but how you start your conversation with the interviewers. It must be perfect so that entire interview would go well.
52. Always Greet With Good Morning or any Salutation
Pitching can only be good if you greet interviewers with Good Morning. Never forget to wish.
53. Most Perfect Pitching is When You Give a Long Introduction of Yourself
Take this is as an advice. Prepare the most elaborate introduction of yourself. Introduction is the first thing that will asked wherever you go.
If your introduction is eloquent then your prospects to clear that interview is more. Self-introduction is very important.
Longer the introduction the better it is.
54. Present Yourself like an Open Book
Do not hide anything about yourself. Let your interviewers know everything about you. You can share about your family and other details. It will help you to gain confidence of interviewers.
55. While Talking to Interviewers Always Look into their Eyes and then Talk
In an interview you have to know small things. While talking to interviewers, look into their eyes and then talk. Otherwise they would not take you seriously.
56. Words and Actions Must go Hand in Hand
Whenever you are talking, try to explain them with action. Always move your hand and make other expressions. It makes you more expressive and you can grab interviewer
57. Always Use Formal Form of English Language
While talking, use formal English. Do not use words like Ya, Yep, etc. It is good to be formal.
58. Never Use ifs and buts
Avoid using words like but. Instead of it use However. Also do not use word
59. Put Yourself in Commanding Position but do NOT Hijack the Interview
In entire interview you should be in commanding position and you should dictate the terms. But do not try to hijack the interview. It will prove negative for you.
60. You Must be Less Talkative
Do not be talkative. A healthy conversation is good however talking too much can irritate interviewers.

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