tips to prepare a government job interview

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Tips To Prepare a Government Job Interview

Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview .
31. Cloths Must Match Your Personality
Attire must match your personality. If you are dark then wear light colored clothes, if you are fair then you can wear dark colored clothes.
32. Remember its Personality not the Physique
In a govt job interview or any other interview it is your personality that matters not physique. We talk about this issue later in this blog post.
33. Do NOT Try to be Glamorous
It means keep it simple. Do not try to look glamorous. Remember, mediocrity is the best.
34. Resume Must be Short Simple and Elegant
Now, comes the resume, which is also an important part of an interview. Design resume which is short, simple and elegant.
35. Do NOT Over Design Your Resume
Over designing your resume is not going to help you in an Interview for government jobs. Hence keep it simple and focus on developing your personality.
36. Do NOT Over Describe Yourself in Resume
Do not over-describe yourself in your resume. You should have all those qualities that are mentioned in your resume. Do not write anything in resume which you do not possess.
37. Always by Heart Your Resume
You should know everything by heart whatever you have written in your resume. Hence study your resume carefully after it is completed.
38. Explore More about Resume on the Internet
Resume is also an important factor if you want to clear an interview. Hence take it seriously and look for more designs or how to prepare resumes on the internet.
39. On the Day of Interview Wake Up Early and have Light Breakfast
Wake early on the day of interview. Have a light breakfast. If you take heavy breakfast then you might become dull.
40. Visit the Venue of Interview One Day Before
It is very important to visit the venue of Interview one day before to avoid last minute rush. Your entire interview could go wrong on that day. Hence visit the venue one day in advance.

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