things women love about men

Things Women Love About Men

things that make women the most satisfied in relationships.
1. Their bodies
Even the scrawny hipster-types have biceps that make us swoon. Their hands are almost always bigger than ours. No matter what size a guy is, he can always make us feel small and delicate. And what's with those beautiful, provocative veins guys have on their arms? And facial hair! Sure, it gets scratchy, but it looks so smart.
2. Their innate ability to do and understand things we can t
We hate having to rely on anyone but ourselves but, sometimes it's just easier to ask him to take care of it. We beg forgiveness for the gross generalizations that are about to follow, but we always ask him to carry heavy objects up the stairs (that's mainly because of laziness; we're perfectly capable), hang pictures and kill large, scary bugs. Though after that time he pretended to throw that bug carcass at us and we screamed like a 5-year-old girl, we might not ask him again.
3. Their secret sensitive side
When a guy cries in front of you, it can feel as if you've won the emotional lottery. Tears are a sign of extreme intimacy, and the fact that he's let down his guard probably means that he cares about you deeply and trusts you. We also love it when we catch our man staring at us with what can only be described as "tenderness." And when he pulls us close for a quick hug, or kisses the top of our heads, our hearts just melt.
4. Their scent
Their body wash. Their aftershave. Their cologne. Their natural, musky fragrance. All of it combines to create a perfume we can't help wanting to envelop ourselves in.
5. Superman
Women love to be protected. So show in more ways than one to prove that you will be her saviour should your damsel land in distress! Women are always in awe of men who can step up in times of conflicts. Be sure you grab every opportunity that situation throws at you.
6. Smell good
Deodorant Ads may be going overboard showing men being lured by women's perfume. But the other way is also true. Choose a deo that suits you. Especially if it's your first date, it's best not to try anything experimental. Know what smells best on you. Remember, what smelt heavenly on your friend might stink on your skin! For everything depends on your body odour. When you spray perfume on your body, what you smell is a combination of the deo spray and your body odour. Choose wise.
7. Surprises galore
Women love surprises be it chocolates, love notes, gifts or even a bouquet of flowers. Women don't mind them in any numbers. You are sure to score brownie points with this one!
8. Transparency
Honesty is still the best policy. Never lie to her if you are thinking of a long term relationship. Never mind you will face some initial flak, but eventually you will win over her trust.
9. Perfect body
What with the celebrities being obsessed with getting a six pack or eight pack abs, girls too go ga ga over men with a well toned body. Get into the habit of regular workout so you can make heads turn!
10. Dress well
Nothing turns off a women than a poorly dressed man. Do a style-check, spot the trends in fashion, speak to a stylist to find out what looks best on you. Clothes maketh man literally!

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