things successful teachers do differently

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Successful teachers have clear objectives

Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

Things Successful Teachers Do Differently
Successful teachers have clear objectives

How do you know if you are driving the right way when you are traveling somewhere new? You use the road signs and a map (although nowadays it might be SIRI or a GPS). In the world of education, your objectives for your students act as road signs to your destination. Your plan is the map. Making a plan does not suggest a lack of creativity in your curriculum but rather, gives creativity a framework in which to flourish.

Successful teachers enjoy their work
Successful teachers are masters of their subject
Successful teachers communicate with parents
Orally ask about basics before teaching a topic in depth
Consider giving quizzes
Think about teacher student relationships
Successful teachers have a sense of purpose
Successful teachers are comfortable with the unknown
Believe in them
Successful teachers are not threatened by parent advocacy
Successful teachers never stop learning
Make your lesson relevant to their lives
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