the pool

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Pocketing the 8 ball

The Pool

Pocketing the 8 ball

Once all of a players or teams group of object balls are pocketed, they may attempt to sink the 8 ball. To win, the player must first designate which pocket they plan to sink the 8 ball into and then successfully pot the 8 ball in that called pocket. If the 8 ball falls into any pocket other than the one designated or is knocked off the table, or a foul occurs and the 8 ball is pocketed, this results in loss of game. Otherwise, the shooters turn is simply over, including when a foul such as a scratch occurs on an unsuccessful attempt to pocket the 8 ball. In short, a World Standardized Rules game of eight ball, like a game of nine ball, is not over until the money ball is no longer on the table. This rule is unusual to some bar and league players, because in American, Canadian and many other varieties of bar pool, and in some leagues, such as APA, such a foul is a loss of game.

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Pocketing the 8 ball
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