the pool

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General Rules

The Pool

General Rules

The following General Rules apply to all the games covered by these rules except when contradicted by specific game rules. In addition, the Regulations of Pool Billiards cover aspects of the game not directly related to the game rules, such as equipment specifications and organization of events.
The games of Pool Billiards are played on a flat table covered with cloth and bounded by rubber cushions. The player uses a stick (pool cue) to strike a cue ball which in turn strikes object balls. The goal is to drive object balls into six pockets located at the cushion boundary. The games vary according to which balls are legal targets and the requirements to win a match.

Lagging to Determine Order of Play
Balls Settling
Players Responsibility
Spotting Balls
Prompting Calls and Protesting Rulings
Cue Ball in Hand
Fouls of Pool
Players Use of Equipment
Outside Interference
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