the highest speed cars in the world

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Vector Avtech WX8 Hypercar

The Highest Speed Cars in the world

The Highest Speed Cars in the world.
Vector Avtech WX8 Hypercar

TheVector WX8is a sports car prototype released under development atVector Motors. It was first shown officially to the public in 2007 revealing the development and the companys ambitious intentions of creating a next generation sportscar successor to their previous models. Vector claims the WX8 may achieve a top speed of 270mph (430km/h) and a zeroto60mph time as low as 2.3 seconds for the version of the car equipped with a 10litreturbochargedengine. This engine is described variously on the companys website as being capable of 1800+ HP, 1850+ HP, and over 1250 horsepower.
As of early 2014 Vector has reported little activity in regards to the WX8 project, although they have made no indications as to the WX8 being scrapped or shelved.

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Vector Avtech WX8 Hypercar
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