the eexercise commandments

The Eexercise Commandments

1. Dont lock out
Keeping your elbows and knees slightly soft, even during full extension, is in your interest not only in terms of joint health, but also in making your workout more effective.
Not locking out when lifting weights will prevent joint deterioration and reduce your chances of joint related niggles and injuries, explains personal trainer Dave Fletcher. Keeping your joints soft also calls for muscle recruitment throughout the entire move, as it doesn’t allow them to catch a break at the top of the motion. More work equals better results, right?
2. Perfect your posture
Its not as simple as standing up straight when performing your exercises, although this is pretty important, too. Having good body alignment can boost your progress by helping you perform exercises with better form, so working on your postural alignment outside of the gym is crucial. Make sure you put the time in away from your workouts, too, by stretching, foam rolling and stopping yourself from slouching when you sit down, advises Dave.

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