terrifying demons that wont let you sleep at night

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Terrifying Demons That Wont Let You Sleep At Night

21. Ziminiar
According to The Lesser Key of Solomon and later adopted by Christianity, Ziminiar is supposed to be one of the four principal kings (Amaymon, Corson, and Gaap are the other three) who has the power of seventy two demons and was supposed to be controlled by King Solomon even though we doubt such a demon could ever be handled by any human.
22. Rusalka
According to Slavic folklore, a Rusalka is something between an evil demon and a water nymph that only comes in a female form. It is believed that they live at the bottom of rivers (or lakes in rare cases) which is why some people falsely considered them to be mermaids. Rusalkas, however, are not mermaids but the spirits of dead women, usually of ones who have committed suicide over an unsuccessful love affair and are now after the whole of mankind seeking revenge. For that reason, they come out during the night and sing with beautiful and deceptive voices paired with entrancing and seductive dancing in order to seduce men to their watery grave.
23. Mephistopheles
Mephistopheles appeared for the first time in literature as the demon in the Faust legend and slowly managed to climb up the demonic ladder and become a full time theological demon. Mephistopheles appears in Doctor Faustus and other tales as a devil and loyal worker of Satan whose mission is to collect the souls of those who are already doomed and corrupt. He is said to have a human body, long nails like a witch, the frightening face of a monster, and wings like an angel. Not a good looking guy any way you look at it.
24. Krampus
The resemblance between the ultimate spirit of evil (Satan) and Krampus is more than obvious: both have a red skinned complexion, both have horns, both have a tail, and both are said to hold a trident and chains, but despite all these details, Krampus is nothing more than the anti Santa.
25. Daeva
Krampus, whose name is derived from the German word krampen, meaning claw, is a popular Christmas spirit in Germanic and Nordic tribes and is not really all that bad (other than the fact that he scares the hell out of whoever sees him, especially children who have been naughty during the year and wont be visited by Santa).

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