terrifying demons that wont let you sleep at night

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Terrifying Demons That Wont Let You Sleep At Night

11. Vapula
Christianity is full of stories about the constant battle between good and evil and Vapula is often mentioned in such tales as one of the highest ranking demons of hell. In fact, according to demonology hes the grand duke of hell and the commander of numerous legions whom he has taught the art of human soul deception. As for his appearance? Vapula is often described as large and intimidating, with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.
12. Stheno
Even though Greek myth is full of fantastic and imaginative creatures, monsters, and demons, none impressed us more than Stheno and for a good reason. Stheno; according to ancient Greek religion and myth, is a demon that hated men and killed them every chance she got. She was the eldest of the Gorgons (sisters who looked like monsters with snakes for hair) and Medusas tutor. Despite the fact that most of us today know more about Medusa, Stheno was by far one of the worst demons in antiquity and the most ferocious of all the Gorgons.
13. Babi Ngepet
This weird demon with an even weirder appearance comes from Indonesia and is, according to Javanese religion, a swine demon that looks like (what else) a wild pig. According to the local theological beliefs, the demon is associated with people who practice black magic with the goal of becoming filthy rich overnight. The price of this, however, is awfully high: they must give up their human form and allow the demon to transform them into a boar for a short time, or the ones who are luckier (maybe?) get to keep their human appearance but the demon possesses their souls. So, next time any of you are waiting in line to pig out in a fast food restaurant, beware of the swine demon that waits in the corner to possess your greedy belly
14. Onoskelis
Onoskelis is a demon that only appears in female form and was first introduced to the world of demonology in the Testament of Solomon where she is described as a beautiful fair skinned woman but with a scary, freaky disability: she has the legs of a mule. As for her purpose and intentions? Were afraid that we have some bad news for men. See, Onoskelis enjoys activities such as strangling men to death and when shes in a better mood, she likes to pervert [men] from their true natures ?whatever that means.
15. Samael
Samael is one of the most significant archangels in Judaism who also appears to be the angel of death according to Jewish lore. The paradox with Samael is that his nature is neither purely evil or purely good but both depending on the circumstances. From what weve gathered about him in the Talmud you really dont want him pissed off at you because he looks really nasty when he gets angry and trust us, you dont want to see that.
16. Bukavac
Well before they became Christians the Slavs had some really scary stories about demons who abused any kind of human activity. One such demon was Bukavac, who, according to the local beliefs and traditions, was portrayed as a six legged monster with gnarled horns that hated dry areas and usually lived in lakes and rivers.
17. Preta
Under different circumstances we would probably feel sorry for these demons (given their unique eternal punishment), but you see, the extreme hunger and thirst a preta experiences can make them do some nasty things to humans. In Buddhism, pretas (the equivalent to the fallen order of angels called the Grigori in Christianity) desperately wander the world in constant search of food and water but have no mouth with which to eat or drink. As a result, they become evil spirits that possess weak minded men and women and corrupt them by making them incredibly greedy and slothful in an attempt to satisfy their own hunger and thirst.
18. Agiel
Okay, so we might be cheating a little with this demon since Agiel is a beneficial spirit related to intelligence and brightness and not the kind of demon that will make you wet your pants. However, if you give it a chance and get to know more about Agiel you will definitely be impressed by the fact that hes coming from the planet Mercury. Yes, you got that right! Agiel is an alien demon.
19. Kokabiel
Kokabiel is described in the Hebrew Bible as the angel of the stars. According to both Hebrew and Christian traditions Kokabiel was a high ranked angel who loved humans, serenity, and the sky; and was the one who taught the other angels everything about the stars. However, all this changed when he was cast out of heaven and was reclassified as a demon.
20. Surgat
One of the few little things we know about Kokabiel is that he had about 365,000 other angels and spirits under his command but for some reason he became an ungodly demon and a terror to human souls.

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