terrifying demons that wont let you sleep at night

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Terrifying Demons That Wont Let You Sleep At Night

1. Pazuzu
This is probably the most famous demon whose name you may not know but whom youll recognize from pop culture. Pazuzu was the evil spirit that possessed the young girl Regan MacNeil in the classic horror film, The Exorcist and also appears on the album cover of the Gorillazs compilation album D Sides. He has a mans body, the head of a lion, two pairs of wings like an eagle, a scorpions tail, and a serpentine penis.
2. Malphas
If this collection of demons has not freaked you out yet then Malphas is the one to do the trick. The mighty great president of hell is second in command (behind Satan) and has forty legions of demons under his control. He can reveal your desires and destroy them, will fool you with good familiar spirits, and will finally betray you; but only after he has accepted your blood sacrifice.
3. Abaddon
Abaddon is a demon that we are introduced to in the book of Revelation. In Hebrew his name means place of destruction while in ancient Greek it translates to destroyer . In most theological texts (excluding the Bible) Abaddon is depicted as the demon (or angel) of destruction, a dominant figure of the Apocalypse, and one of the chief demons of hell that in many cases refuses to obey even Satan. However, Abaddon, according to Christian tradition, is described as the king of the bottomless pit that holds lost souls and is the leader of a vicious plague of locusts. One way or another, hes one scary demon and thats the only thing all cultures and religions that know his name can agree on.
4. Antichrist
The Antichrist is without a doubt the most famous of all the demons; a fact that is highlighted by his prolific use in the themes of many horror and sci fi films. It was John the Apostle who pretty much introduced him to us through the New Testament and while his appearance varies greatly depending on the source; some describe him as an extremely handsome, charming man who can seduce anyone, while others describe him as the ugliest and most intimidating demon there is.
5. Azazel
Azazel is one of the most popular demons in Judaism but is also mentioned in the Bible and other cultures. According to Judaism, Azazel is a very evil spirit and the leader of a certain class of demons that live in the desert. In Greek mythology Azazel appears as the scapegoat (apompaios dat) while according to Islam, Azazel is a fallen angel who used to be one of the highest ranked angels of Allah, a story that reminds us of Satan in the Christian religion. Azazel has also been portrayed several times in popular culture. Examples include Fallen, a great film from the 90s with Denzel Washington, and the comic book supervillain named Azazel who appears in several X Men stories.
6. Pontianak
According to Malay and Indonesian religious traditions a demon named pontianak usually did horrible things to men. It was believed that the spirits of women who died while pregnant transformed into this kind of ghost demon entity and then looked for vengeance from those who did them wrong (usually men). They are pretty similar to what we know in Western culture as vampires and there are stories about pontianaks removing bad mens genitalia with their bare hands. Lastly, a city in Indonesia is named after this demon, because people believed that a Pontianak haunted the first sultan who conquered the city and as you can imagine he didnt have such a happy ending.
7. Forneus
According to The Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous book of spells that was compiled during the mid seventeenth century and focused on demonology, Forneus is the Great Marquis of hell and has twenty nine legions of demons under his command. He promises fame, popularity, acceptance, and love from your friends and enemies (always with a catch of course) and is normally depicted as having an attractive human form. However, he can display a grotesque and frightening demonic form when he gets angry.
8. Ifrit
According to Islam, the ifrit is a monstrous looking demon that lives underground and loves to visit ruins where he usually finds his victims and scares them to death. They are large, intimidating looking demons with wings of fire, and in their kingdom the males usually engage in romantic relationships with female ifrits and also often marry them.
9. Jikininki
In Zen Buddhism, jikininki are some of the ugliest demons imaginable and represent anything that has to do with greed and selfishness. Their favorite hobby appears to be the nightly consumption of human corpses since rotting human flesh is to a jikininki what pizza is to a human. For that matter, their bad nutrition seems to be the main reason why they look more like zombies rather than your typical demon or evil spirit. However, they do possess the ability to look like humans when they want to deceive and corrupt someone. Nevertheless, when they are in their ordinary form they are so ghastly and horrifying to look at that if any mortal has the bad luck to see one, the fright might give them amnesia.
10. Drekavac
In Slavic mythology the drekavac appears as a very scary looking demon that in reality is the ghost of an unbaptized childs soul. Its appearance varies depending on who sees it since it is so horrifying that few can stare at it long enough to give a proper description. The creepiest description so far is without a doubt the one where the drekavac appears in the form of an undead child who begs and calls for people passing near the cemetery to baptize it. In later Slavic traditions the drekavac is connected with Christmas, specifically the twelve days of Christmas during which it is believed that when a drekavac appears in a childs form it usually announces someones death.

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