teddy day

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Teddy Day

Time for you to send a teddy that 'bears' your love to your friends and loved ones.
1. Make dinner at home
Going out to eat is always a hassle on Valentines Day. Trying to find a reservation can be tough at your favorite spot to eat, so why not bring it home. Jump on to this wonderful tool we have called the WORLD WIDE WEB www for short and find a special recipe. Heck, maybe find the recipe for the food you like at that restaurant you wanted to go to and make it yourself. Grab a candle at the store, light a match, and do something at home. When you do this, your significant other will be impressed with the work and the thought you put into your dinner project. And if you are successful in the meal prep, you may not need to go to that restaurant anymore, you can just make it at home, save money, and be a superstar. Maybe create your own menu with your pictures on it with the meal for the night and the date. Something special for sure.
2. Dont wait until the 14th
There is NOTHING wrong with showing how much you care leading up to the day. Go to, or as in the first example, make a special night early. Maybe do smaller things each day this week leading up to the day. Special things like a thinking of how much I love you note in the purse or wallet, or a note in their car before they leave to the office or out for the day. Make a card or a note. When you make it from the heart, it is WAY better than a store bought card.
3. Picture collage
Find pictures of the both of you together over the years and make a short and sweet picture collage. This is something that will remind each other of how much you care for each other or how much crap you had to put up with over the years. Again, dig into some of those digital photos and make something special.
4. Culinary school
Take a class together on making deserts. Something with chocolate for sure. Doing something together that is new can be a great and memorable experience for both of you. You may find out new things about each other and maybe even spark a little romance too. Nothing wrong with that.
5. Personal delivery
Its easy to call a flower shop and have them put together some vase full of flowers that get delivered. Wow. Not much thought and effort in that. Sometimes it is the only thing you can do, maybe you have a long distance relationship, thats OK. I get it. If you are close, get your flowers and hand deliver them yourself. Carve out some time not lunch hour and surprise them. Make it special. Write a poem. Make it super corny too. This is a special person, and deserve the attention, right?.
6. I love a good candle
My wife LOVES candles. This is a no brainer. I have seen awesome deals at places like ROSS or TJ MAX with great deals on some pretty cool candles. Find the deals, wrap them up nice and special and hand deliver those bad boys. They could lead to a special mood lighting later in the day if you catch my drift.
7. Post your love
Not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. On a POST IT note. Buy a pack of pink post it notes. On each one, write down why you love them. Go through the entire pack. You can think of that many reasons right? Then find a place in the house and POST them on a wall or mirror in the shape of a heart. Silly? No way. Your thoughts, your work, and you are showing them your feelings. Can you dig it?
8. Go in stealth
Talk to their co workers or friends and find out when they are going out for lunch or on break. Then, you can do one of two things here. ONE go into their office and decorate it all out with streamers and flowers and all of that fun stuff so when they get back from lunch, its a big surprise. Or TWO find out where they are eating and show up yourself for the moment and surprise them at lunch with their friends with a flower or poem or song depending on how brave you are and do it in front of everyone at the restaurant. Yeah, I know.something out of the movies, but wouldnt that be fun?

Bottom line is that you should have fun with this. Be creative and think of something different to do this year. No more digital cards. No more flowers by phone or ordering junk. Lets get back to simple and personal. This is the person you care about, love, and hold a special place in your heart for. Make it feel that way. Good luck. Have fun and let me know how things turned out. If you have something to add, please do. All the ideas in the world will help someone.

9. Find your favorite teddy bears
Spruce them up in readiness for attending the picnic.
10. Dress him up in smart clothes
if It is a girl then dress her up in dresses or accessories at build a bear and if its a boy dress him up in smart clothes Wash your teddy bear. Refurbish your teddy bear. Sew a teddy bear if you dont have a teddy bear, or enough of them to make a picnic. If your kids are already in on the picnic, have them make their bears a teddy bear suitcase to keep them busy in the background.

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