small things that can bring you joy

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Sing Your Heart Out

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
Sing Your Heart Out

Singing, particularly in a choir, gives the body a shot of endorphins and dopamine the same hormones that produce the runner s high people feel after pounding out a few miles on the pavement. But a singer s highcomes with all sorts of added benefits stress reduction, pain alleviation, and an overall feeling of contentment.

Do a Good Deed
Keep a Journal
Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
Savor Good Memories
Soak Up the Sun
Make a Gigantic To Do List
Take Pride in Your Appearance
Let Go of Anger
Spend Time With Friends and Family
Sit Up Straight
Surround Yourself With the Color Blue
Stop Saying I m Sorry
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