small things that can bring you joy

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Light a Candle

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
Light a Candle

Candlelight can have a calming effect and help reduce stress. It can also increase selfawareness. Spending a few minutes in solitude with even a single flickering flame can be a soothing experience. Candles scented in lavender or ylangylang further enhance the stressreducing effects of quiet time spent in candlelight.

Listen to Running Water
Give More Compliments
Do a Good Deed
Soak Up the Sun
Buy Now Enjoy Later
Stop Saying I m Sorry
Stop and Smell the Roses
Take a Yoga Class
Do Some Spring Cleaning
Dont Worry About What Others Think of You
Spend Time With Friends and Family
Practice Monogamy
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