small things that can bring you joy

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Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
81. Eat More Steak
Research shows that people who consume less than the recommended amount of red meat in their diets are twice as likely to feel depressed.
82. Multitask
Studies show that multitasking may actually make you feel better. But there s a tradeoff. While trying to accomplish numerous things simultaneously will leave you feeling more emotionally satisfied about the work you re doing, it will also make you less productive.
83. Draw Your Favorite Junk Foods
There really is such a thing as an ice cream sundae that s truly good for you. Studies show that drawing pictures of junk foods like ice cream, cupcakes, and mashed potato pizza gives us the same sense of satisfaction as if we had eaten it but without all those extra calories.
84. Play in the Dirt
A harmless bacteria commonly found in soil has been found to have a similar effect on humans as antidepressant drugs. It s a great excuse to play in the dirt.
85. Dont Eat Lunch at Your Desk
Studies show that workers who eat lunch outside the office a park bench, a cafe, the beach feel happier after the meal than those who eat at their desk.
86. Make the Bed
Making the bed in the morning is one quickest, simplest ways to infuse our lives with a sense of calm and order. When our lives are tidy and organized, we feel happier. Clutter in general tends to detract from our inner sense of peace.
87. Assert Your Power
Studies show that people who hold a position of power, whether in a personal relationship or in the workplace, lead happier lives than those with less authority.
88. Spend Time With Happy people
Happiness is truly contagious. Studies show that when you surround yourself with happy people, you become happier by association.
89. Seal Off Your Dissatisfactions
If you find yourself consumed with negative thoughts, write down what s troubling you. Then seal the piece of paper in an envelope as if you were going to mail it. Research shows that physically sealing off negative emotions actually helps you overcome them.
90. Write a List of Every Single Amazing Thing You ve Seen and Done
Studies show that writing down your positive experiences can actuallyimprove your health. Plus you ll get a jolt of excitement just thinking about that white water rafting trip.

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