small things that can bring you joy

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Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
71. Dont Let Credit Card Bills Hang Over Your Head
When we spend significant amounts of money, our brain reacts similarly to how it does when we experience physical pain. So don t prolong the effect. Pay off your credit card bills upfront or pay for bigticket items in cash instead.
72. Dont Worry About Coming in First
An analysis of the facial expressions of Olympic athletes shows thatbronze medal winners are typically happier than those who win the gold. Whether it s a game of chess or a project in the workplace, focus on doing well rather than being the best.
73. Earn Your Indulgences
We appreciate rewards more when we ve earned them. So next time you treat yourself to an ice cream cone, make yourself work for it. For example, tell yourself you can indulge in the ice cream only if you ve first eaten three balanced, healthy meals and hold yourself to it.
74. Take Risks
It feels good to live on the edge. That s why skydiving and surfing are so popular. You can reap the rewards of this life in the fast lane sensation but taking small risks in ordinary activities. If you re a surfer, try to catch a slightly bigger wave that you might have otherwise passed up. Experiencing a little risk will increase your enjoyment of whatever activity you re engaged in.
75. Dont Over Indulge
Studies show that people who are given an entire bag of chocolate candy enjoy those morsels less than people who are given just one piece of candy to taste. So if you want to increase your happiness, indulge in small portions.
76. Pop in a Sappy Movie
Films that make us cry actually boost our joy. Researchers have found that movies about a difficult breakup, for example, leave us feeling great because our minds begin to hyperfocus on the positive elements of our own romantic relationships.
77. Read the Newspaper
Time to renew that subscription to the local daily paper. Studies show thatpeople who get their news from a broadsheet paper are happier than those who turn to television news to keep informed.
78. Be Spontaneous
Spontaneity brings growth and new experiences. It can also help you overcome shyness and build better relationships.
79. Take a Hot Shower
A short, piping hot shower brings many benefits, not least of all being that it makes you feel good. A hot shower can also improve circulation, relieve neck and shoulder pain, and decrease stress.
80. Cry
Go ahead and let it all out. People who allow themselves to a good crywhen they re upset tend to feel better afterwards than those who bottle their sadness inside.

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